About Us

We assist in the total needs of the “individual”, meetinng them at their point of need and walking beside them through each step… as they develop into the Stronger, Self-sufficient and Stable individuals we needto rebuild and revitalize our communities. Paulsboro Community Development Center’s (PCDC) community outreach program is motivated by the staggering number of young men and women who are struggling daily to cope with life on life’ terms.We are dedicated to elevating their levels of self-esteem and to aiding them through their family strengthen process.Providing for the holistic support of the family and community is our major focus. We are breaking the endless cycle of by providing access to support systems that meet their social, economic, emotional and spiritual needs. Men and women are accessing the necessary tools to become self-sufficient, they are setting obtainable goals, and stretching out and doing it!

E-Mail: paulsborocdc@gmail.com

1540 Swedesboro Ave. Paulsboro, NJ, 08066

Mon - Fri 8 - 4:30 856-224-1401